Tast, Brigitte

Brigitte Tast (*1948 in the Baden Rhine valley) is a German photo artist and university lecturer. She studied graphic design in Hildesheim and film in Braunschweig, and was a lecturer of artistic photography at Stiftungsuniversität Hildesheim in 2012-13. Since the 1970s, Tast has often produced quite narrative photo projects. The development of a specific format, the Diageschichten (slide stories) allows her to be in direct contact with her audience. Her works have been exhibited internationally, and her Diageschichten performed in galleries, cinemas and festivals in numerous countries. Brigitte Tast lives and works near Hildesheim (Lower Saxony).

  • Brigitte Tast, Marina Abramovic performances „Luminosity“ in „KW“ , Berlin 1999

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