Marc Riboud’s photographs belong to the classic of reportage photography. A few catalogs from the french photographer are available during the exhibition “MARC RIBOUD. World. Politic. Life”. Among them the recently published book “Cuba” with texts by Wim Wenders and Jean Daniel. I like Image Marc Riboud and Catherine Chaine 2010 Publishing: Les … Read more


Heaven is a review of analog photography who does not comment on the photography, believing instead that it is it’s own scripture not requiring description through another script. On the other hand it is the way that the medium speaks for itself which reveals it’s special meaning and particular poeticism. Heaven units … Read more

Europe Under Construction:
Berlin 1945 - 2015
ISBN 978-3-9817566-0-9

Photo Book– An extensive publication accompanies the exhibition Europe Under Construction: Berlin 1945 – 2015. Out of 250 exhibition works, the photo book presents a remarkable selection of 70 photographs completed by quotations by artists and politicans. Brief and informative texts introduce essential historical and social events. It also contains biographical information … Read more

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Brutal Beauty
by Shoky van der Horst

Shoky van der Horst challenges existing aesthetic norms. The photo-book Brutal Beauty is the result of a long-time examination of the concept of beauty. Shoky has captured the raw beauty of forgotten and ignored objects instead of focussing on the new and flawless. As a former model and fashion editor, Shoky witnessed how our concept … Read more