HEAVEN 9th September 2016 until 31 March 2017

Group exhibition with photographs by

Patrick Alphonse
Pavel Chirkin
Sébran D’Argent
François Dupuy
Jürgen Heinemann
Peter Jordanov
Dalia Karg
Siu-Ling Ha
Xavier Maurel
Georges Saillard

The exhibition HEAVEN is an invitation to travel. It is a journey through distant countries, to unspoiled lands and new encounters. HEAVEN is a return to nature as well as a look inwards; whereby the exhibited photographs delve partially into personal, unseen and intimate moments. In atmospheric visual spaces the viewer explores expanded regions, takes part in the life of very different people or faces dream-like figures, that move nude, through water.

A central part of the works is the utilization of traditional techniques and materials now almost obsolete. The return to the medium of analogue photography as well as photo engraving is distinctive feature of the exhibition: it is an extinguished way of photography which is rediscovered in these images.

Behind the title HEAVEN is an artistic publication of the same name first released in 2001. According to the founder Sebran d’Argent, this photo review does not comment on the photography, believing instead that photography is its own scripture not requiring description through another script. On the contrary, it is the way that the medium speaks for itself which reveals its special meaning and particular poeticism.

HEAVEN unites various artists working exclusively in the field of analogue photography. It is a clear delineation to the flood of digital pictures of our times and homage to traditional artistic techniques.

With the exhibition HEAVEN, Galerie 36 debuts the work of important members of this artistic collective. Among them emerging photographers such as Pavel Chirkin (age 25) as well as established posts like Jürgen Heinemann (age 82). As of today, some of the photographers have been shown seldom or even not at all publicly so this exhibition is a premiere of HEAVEN in its group form and for a number of the artists, the first public presentation of their works.

A new journal of Heaven is published by the artists.

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