Heaven is a review of analog photography who does not comment on the photography, believing instead that it is it's own scripture not requiring description through another script. On the other hand it is the way that the medium speaks for itself which reveals it's special meaning and particular poeticism.

Heaven units various Artists working exclusively in the field of analog photography. It is a clear delineation to the flood of digital pictures of our time and an homage to traditional artistic technics.

with photographs from: Yannick Touzan, Basile Dubroecq, Mémorin, Xavier Maurel, Fabrice Serre, François Dupuy, Sébran d'Argent, Siu-Ling Ha and Nil Hoppenot
Price: 35 Euros

with photographs from: Luciano Monti, Monique Thiéry, Bernard Steffin, Deldan Gawa Otsal, Xavier Maurel, Sébran d'Argent,Siu-Ling Ha, Nemorin, François Dupuy, Jérôme Lélu and Patrick Alphonse
Price: 35 Euros

with photographs from: Thomas Zamolo, Jennifer Trausch, Yu Hirai, François Dupuy, Jérôme Lélu, Nemorin, Guillaume Decoorne, Siu-Ling Ha and Sébran d'Argent
Price: 35 Euros

with photographs from: Patrick Alphonse, Pavel Chirkin, François Dupuy, Jürgen Heinemann, Arnaud Berman, Valerija
Kelawa, Jérôme Lélu, Dalia Karg, Peter Jordanov, Matia Baroni, Lobsang Dhagpo, Guillaume Decoorne, Georges Saillard, Sébran d'Argent and Li Zhujun
Price: 50 Euros

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