We are pleased to introduce our new partner ALC Travel. ALC Travel creates entertaining and spirited art trips with exclusive access to art, culture and lifestyle. In 2017, journeys to the Biennale in Venice and the Documenta in Athens are planned as well as further exciting trips to art destinations such as Salzburg, Paris, and Tel Aviv.

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Ben de Biel, Wonderland

Shortly after the Wall came down, ­subculture blossomed in the middle of ­Berlin. Featuring previously unknown images and commentary from key ­protagonists, this volume brings back to life an almost forgotten era while showing how Berlin's Wonderland years made the city what it is today. The photobook "BERLIN WONDERLAND. WILD YEARS REVISTED 1990 - 1996" is republished and now available in the third edition.

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Galerie 36 at THE RITZ-CARLTON Berlin


We are pleased to announce, that architectural photographs by Björn Albert as well as photographs by Renaud de Gambs of the series Pink Panzer are shown in the Club Lounge of THE RITZ-CARLTON Berlin until January 2017.

Analogue Photo Lab BA AP

Björn Albert; Tonungen

We are looking forward to welcome the photographer Björn Albert with his photo laboratory BA AP for analogue photographs in our house. It has always been an essential component of photographic work to maintain and improve the quality of the images. Björn Albert has 38 years of experience, a guarantee of  highest quality.

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