Dear visitors,

we would like to thank you for your numerous coming to our exhibitions Women on View and Karin Székessy Sculptural | Surreal.

Now it is time for a well-deserved summer break and we will be back this fall with some exciting news.

All the best until then!

// Ellen von Unwerth, From Happy Socks Campaign, Los Angeles, 2015 (with Stella Maxwell)
© the artist, Courtesy the artist


Dear visitors,

the exhibition Karin Székessy Sculptural | Surreal is on display until Saturday, May 25th with opening hours from 1 to 6 pm.⁣

Our last week is admission free!
We are looking forward to your visit.


Only a few days left to see the two current exhibitions at Chaussee 36!

The exhibition "Women on View” with its focus on the eroticisation
of the female body in advertising photography in the second half of the 20th century
is on view until Sunday, May 19th 2019.

The exhibition Sculptural | Surreal with works by Karin Székessy
is on view until Saturday, May 25th, 2019.

Whilst the group exhibition “Women on View” addresses ideals of beauty as depicted in advertising photography in which the portrayals of women are mainly shaped by the male gaze,
the exhibition "Skulptural | Surreal" focuses on Székessy’s nude photography,
emphasising a completely different perception of the female body.

We are looking forward to your visit!


Dear guests,

we have new spring opening hours starting April 24th:

Thursday - Sunday 1 - 6 pm!


Fellow friends,

in case you were wondering about our opening times on Easter Friday:

We are open from 1 to 6 pm and we are looking forward to welcome you!

© Eyal Philip Peleg & Chaussee 36


Upcoming exhibition - Chaussee 36:
Karin Székessy
Sculptural  – Surreal

Duration: April 12th - May 25th 2019

Please join us for the opening on
Thursday, April 11th 2019,  from 7 to 9 pm

The artist will be present.


Happy International Women's Day 2019!

Dear guests,
Our exhibition space is open from 1 to 6 pm.

Franco Rubartelli, Veruschka, Safari dress by Yves Saint Laurent, French Vogue, July / August 1968 © the artist, Courtesy Ira Stehmann Fine Art


Current exhibition - Chaussee 36:


Opening Women on View - Chaussee 36

We had an amazing opening of WOMEN ON VIEW! Thank you all for coming!

From left to right:
Sarah Hardacre, Alice Le Campion, Karin Székessy, Esther Loubradou, Armin Morbach, Jean-Daniel Lorieux, Thomas Paquet, Gérard Musy




06.10.2018 – 06.01.2019

Vernissage 05.10.2018 7:00 pm

Suermondt Ludwig Museum
Wilhelmstrasse 18
52070 Aachen


Exhibition HIGH ON HOPE, Ben de Biel

Vernissage 11.10.2018 6:00 pm

The exhibition “High on Hope” creates a portrait of photographer Ben de Biel’s and his friends’ youth; intimate images tell a story of growing up in a small West German city in the 1980s. In search of their identity, they experiment with art, music, and drugs. Between intoxication and rebellion, an interstice arises that anticipates their move to the big city; brief moments of release are found in the discovery of sexuality and new forms of cohabitation. Not everyone manages to get away, and not every escape is successful, but the images portray this transient limbo state, when the future still seems wide ope

Eisenbahnstraße 10
10997 Berlin - Mitte

More information under: https://www.emop-berlin.eu/…/exhib…/exhibition/high-on-hope/


LabShowRoom Day at BA AP Björn Albert

Free entry!

A selection of prints will be on display and the artist is present to discuss his work.

BA AP Björn Albert
Chausseestr. 36
10115 Berlin

Don't forget to RSVP!
Just send an email that you like to attend with your desired time 16:00, 17:00 or 18:00 to: info@ba-ap.com

Send it until this Friday 18:00 and you will receive a confirmation if your desired time is still available.

More about Björn Albert:


***14.09. – 9.12.2018***




For three decades now, André Kirchner (born 1958) has been one of the stylistically most influential photographers of the city of Berlin. Working in the tradition of analogue black-and-white photography and using a classic view camera, his is an individual artistic position. Presented in series, the leitmotifs of his systematic surveys of aspects of urban space consist of wastelands, city peripheries, free-standing buildings and empty lots, demolition and new construction. In his conceptual series Window Orders, he explores in 24 photographs one of the oldest motifs of photography, the window as both ordering element and part of a planned city space. In austere compositions, he allows visual elements and, by extension, the various temporal layers of Berlin’s urban development to collide. As in many of his works, Kirchner also deliberately seeks situations either awaiting a change in construction or demolition or having just undergone the same. Empty window openings, construction plans, scaffolding, and cranes herald this transformation.

Märkisches Museum
Am Köllnischen Park 5
10179 Berlin

*** 26.07.2018 ***

Fellow friends of Galerie36,

It's time for a well-deserved vacation. We will be back soon with exciting news. Cheers!

*** 04.08.2018 ***

Exhibition "Shapes & Symbols" - US Debut

Beginning on August 4th 2018, the exhibition "Shapes & Symbols" with works by Bert Stern will be on view at Keyes Art , East Hampton, NY. Until September 8th.

*** 07.07.2018 ***


We cordially invite you to take a look behind the scenes after regular opening hours and join us for an exclusive film screening of Lolita, 1962 on July 7th, 6pm at Galerie 36.

Within the framework of our current exhibition Bert Stern ‘’Shapes & Symbols’’, we will show Stanley Kubrick's film adaptation of Vladimir Nabokov's controversial book inside the exhibition space.

Bert Stern met and befriended Stanley Kubrick from their time working together at Look magazine in 1946. Later he would shoot the iconic images of the film's young star Sue Lyon as Lolita that were used to promote the controversial film back in 1962. Stern defined the look of the film by portraying a Lolita with lollipop, wearing heart-shaped sunglasses. Enhanced by vivid colors on the movie poster, those elements never appear in the movie shot in black and white. One of those iconic images is currently on view at the gallery.

Stanley Kubrick adapted the novel Lolita for his sixth feature film. Though published only 7 years earlier, Nabokov’s novel was already reaching the status of a classic work due to its controversial subject matter, witty wordplay, and themes of erotic fantasy and sexual predation.  Working with Nabokov on the screenplay, Kubrick’s adaptation faithfully recreates the key aspects of the novel, capturing the sexuality, irony, and tragedy of a man.

Due to the limited number of guests we kindly request your binding registration at: mail@galerie36berlin.com

We are looking forward to your visit!

*** 23.06.2018 ***


Galerie 36 is pleased to invite you to get an exclusive look behind the scenes after our regular opening hours!

On this occasion we will show the documentary film screening “Bert Stern: Original Mad Man” directed by Shannah Laumeister in our exhibition space. We will also present our  exhibition catalogue  "Bert Stern: Shapes & Symbols"  which introduces his early advertising and fashion body of work.

The film is an intimate portrait of legendary photographer Bert Stern, who discusses his iconic portraits of Marilyn Monroe and other stars, his pioneering work in advertising and his friendship with Stanley Kubrick.

Released in 2012, shot shortly before his death. Duration: 1 hour 32 minutes.



Due to the limited number of guests we kindly request your binding registration at: mail@galerie36berlin.com

PS: Don’t worry all of you devoted soccer fans! You will be free to enjoy the game on time, for example at Ballhaus opposite the Galerie36. Cheers!

*** 01.06.2018 - 06.07.2018 ***

Brigitte und Hans-Jürgen Tast

"Deutschlandreise - In die Gärten der Utopien"

Kunstverein Via 113
Kleine Venedig 1a
31134 Hildesheim

every Tuesday 07:00 – 09:00 p.m.

*** 23.05.2018 ***

Gruppenausstellung PARADIES

Gärtnerei Hofgrün / Galerie am Weinberg Methfesselstrasse 10-12 am Viktoriapark in Kreuzberg am 23.Mai 2018 ab 19 Uhr

*** 05.05.2018 ***

rbb Berlin

Bildergebnis für rbb galerie 36

rbb visited the chausseestrasse! Follow the link and hit play. 04:00 - 08:00


*** 20.04.2018 ***


The Alfred Ehrhardt Stiftung presents from the 21st April 2018 the exhibition BRAND WAND by the artist Harf Zimmermann.

Opening: Friday, 20th April 2018, 07:00 – 09:00 p.m., Opening speech: Dr. Christiane Stahl

Exhibition period: Saturday, 21st April to Sunday, 24th June 2018

*** 25.11.2017 ***


A dialogue with the self-timer: The German photography artist Brigitte Tast is represented in a group show on self-portraits at Palazzo Guidobono from the 24th of November 2017 until 7th of January 2018.

Exhibiton La solitudine dell'autoscatto. Autoritratti fotografici. (The solitude of the self-timer. Photographic self-portrait.)


Palazzo Guidobono, Piazza Arzano, Tortona, Italy

*** 25.11.2017 ***


The world-famous photography of F.C. Gundlach made history. Now yesterday a documentary on the artist had it’s premiere at the Martin-Gropius-Bau. The film author Eva Gerberding gained an exclusive insight into the life and private archive of the 91-year-old Gundlach over five years.

The movie will be screened on the 8th of February 2018 on ARTE.


*** 16.11.2017 ***


From this Friday on you have the opportunity to see Sebastian Kusenberg’s work twice in Berlin. One exhibition is „ANDERSWO“ at the gallery Verein Berliner Künstler with his photo installation „Im Wigwam“, the other is INTUITION TO FILL EMPTINESS at FREEHOME with the photographic work „Mit Handtaschen“.

Galerie Verein Berliner Künstler
Schöneberger Ufer 57, 10785 Berlin
18.11.2017 – 23.12.2017
Opening: Friday, 17th November 2017, 7pm


Intuition to fill Emptiness or / oder Nichts noch Lebt
FREEHOME / fontaine b.
Eisenacher Str. 103, 10781 Berlin
Opening: Friday, 17th November 2017, 6pm


*** 11.11.2017 ***


The photographer Björn Albert teaches a workshop for classical architecture photography at PhotoWerk Berlin on the 26-05 - 27-05-2018.
In this workshop you will learn how to work with one of the most advanced digital large format camera system. You will work on location at the airport Tempelhof with the Linhof 679 and a PhaseOne back. Beside technical issues you will learn strategies of composition and evaluate the results.
If you book the workshop within November 2017 you will save 5% on the workshop-price by using the code 5JAHRE.

*** 08.11.2017 ***


We are glad to announce, that the twenty-first edition of Paris Photo opens this week.

Paris Photo is the world’s largest international art fair dedicated to the photographic medium.  This year one hundred and sixty galleries and thirty publishers from thirty different countries will be present. Founded in 1997, the fair is held annually in November at the historic Grand Palais in Paris.

Show dates:

November 9th to November 12th, 2017

From noon to 8pm
(7pm on Sunday, November 12th)

Grand Palais, Paris

More information here: https://www.parisphoto.com/

*** 06.10.2017 ***


The exhibition "Bloody soil. Scenes of NSU crimes" by Regina Schmeken at Martin-Gropius-Bau has been extended upon 19.11.2017. Regina Schmeken´s work is simultaneously to see at Galerie Jordanow in München on occasion of  OPEN art 2017.


Regina Schmeken. Fechten Nr. 6644. 2016

*** 27.09.2017 ***


Thank you for having visited the opening exhibition "Shadow Lines" by Jeanloup Sieff. The exhibition is to see until 16.12.2017 at the Galerie 36.

Opening hours: Thu - Sat 1 - 6pm and by appointment.

Barbara Sieff

Jim Rakete

Björn Albert, Hans-Martin Sewcz, curator Alice Le Campion, C/O director Stephan Erfurt, Regina Schmeken and Sebastian Kusenberg

Ira Stehmann, Barbara Sieff and Alice Le Campion

*** 02.08.2017 ***


From 03.08. till 22.09.2017 the Fotogalerie Friedrichshain shows a group exhibition with photographs of several Berlin based photographers, amongst other Björn Albert. The main idea is to capture the colorful history, urban mutations and actual issues of Berlin.

*** 27.07.2017 ***


From July 29th to October 29th 2017 you can see the exhibition "Bloody soil. Scenes of NSU crimes" by Regina Schmeken at Martin-Gropius-Bau.

The most oppressive thing about these photographs is that they depict neither the murderers nor their victims. It is their inconspicuousness, the trivial and ordinary that make Schmeken's pictures so eerie.
Hans Magnus Enzensberger

***28.01.2017 ***


ALC TRAVELWe are pleased to introduce our new partner ALC Travel. ALC Travel creates entertaining and spirited art trips with exclusive access to art, culture and lifestyle. In 2017, journeys to the Biennale in Venice and the Documenta in Athens are planned as well as further exciting trips to art destinations such as Salzburg, Paris, and Tel Aviv.

All current travels and further information can be found at www.alc-travel.de. Quote "Chaussee 36", and you will receive a one-off price which is otherwise only available to members.

*** 09.11.2016 ***


Ben de Biel, Wonderland

Shortly after the Wall came down, ­subculture blossomed in the middle of ­Berlin. Featuring previously unknown images and commentary from key ­protagonists, this volume brings back to life an almost forgotten era while showing how Berlin's Wonderland years made the city what it is today. The photobook "BERLIN WONDERLAND. WILD YEARS REVISTED 1990 - 1996" is republished and now available in the third edition.

Find more information here: www.berlin-wonderland.de.

*** 15.10.2016 ***



We are pleased to announce, that architectural photographs by Björn Albert as well as photographs by Renaud de Gambs of the series Pink Panzer are shown in the Club Lounge of THE RITZ-CARLTON Berlin until January 2017.

*** 01.10.2016 ***


Björn Albert; Tonungen

We are looking forward to welcome the photographer Björn Albert with his photo laboratory BA AP for analogue photographs in our house. It has always been an essential component of photographic work to maintain and improve the quality of the images. Björn Albert has 38 years of experience, a guarantee of  highest quality.

Find more information here: www.ba-ap.com.