Europe Under Construction:
Berlin 1945 - 2015
ISBN 978-3-9817566-0-9

Photo Book– An extensive publication accompanies the exhibition Europe Under Construction: Berlin 1945 – 2015. Out of 250 exhibition works, the photo book presents a remarkable selection of 70 photographs completed by quotations by artists and politicans. Brief and informative texts introduce essential historical and social events. It also contains biographical information about all participating artists.

Divided into four chapters the publication starts with the immediate post-war era, the "zero hour", documented by, amongst others, Jewgeni Chaldej, Cecil Newman, Henry Ries and Fritz Eschen. The foundation of the two German States – the German Democratic Republic and the Federal Republic of Germany – leads over to the second chapter illustrating the economic and urban reconstruction during the 1950s in both parts of the city. The photographic works by Arno Fischer, Will McBride, Robert Lebeck and F.C. Gundlach attest to the economic upswing, the social life as well as to the daily life in both East and West Berlin. In the 3rd chapter, after the years of economic recovery and reconstruction the viewers are confronted with the building of the Wall and the reality of the separated city, with photographs by Max Scheler, Günter Zint, Siebrand Rehberg, Wolfgang Krolow, Hans Martin Sewcz and Barbara Klemm. The last part of the catalogue refers to Berlin after the Fall of the Wall. Ben de Biel, an important figure of the Berlin squatter, nightlife and techno scene, documents with his camera the debaucherous and libertine atmosphere in the newly reunified Berlin of the 1990s. The architectural transformations of the new capital are reflected in the works of Björn Albert, Sebastian Kusenberg and Harf Zimmermann. The chapters are completed by portraits of distinguished figures of different social spheres, taken by Jim Rakete, Brigitte Tast and Liselotte Strelow.

Number of pages: 160 pages
Hardcover, clothbinding
Languages: German / English
Content: 70 photographs
Preface by Renaud Vercouter and epilogue by Max von Bismarck
Quotations and historical texts
Biographies of artists
Photo index
Authors: Max von Bismarck; Renaud Vercouter
Curator: Mona Mathé

Publisher: CHAUSSEE 36
ISBN: 978-3-9817566-0-9

Price: 38 EUR

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