de Biel, Ben

Ben de Biel (*1963 in Dillenburg) is a German documentary photographer. De Biel moved to Berlin in 1990. He was a co-founder of Ständige Vertretung – a night club inside the Tacheles – and a founder of the club Maria am Ostbahnhof in 1998. He was also part of the experimental electro band Elektronauten, as well as a member of the 'Eimer' collective. In his photographs, de Biel has documented his life in Berlin since the 1990s: the vibrant night life, techno music and the squatter scene around the legendary Tacheles. He lives and works as an independent photographer in Berlin.

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Exhibition Ben de Biel and Hans Martin Sewcz

From March 5th –31st 2016, Galerie 36 will present a series of works by Berlin photographers Ben de Biel and Hans Martin Sewcz.

Ben de Biel
„Eine Stadt muss sich verändern, sonst wird's langweilig“

Hans Martin Sewcz

Opening on March 5th 2016, 6pm-11pm
Exhibition: March, 5th - 31st 2016
pop-up 36 | Reinhardstr. 19 | 10117 Berlin

  • Ben de Biel, Hongkong 1997

  • Ben de Biel, London 2015

  • Ben de Biel Istanbul, 2015

  • Ben de Biel Münster, 2007

  • Ben de Biel, Kinzigstraße 1990

  • Ben de Biel, Oranienburgerstraße 1991

  • Ben de Biel, Mulackstraße 1990

  • Ben de Biel, Linienstraße 1991

  • Ben de Biel, Hinter dem Tacheles 1990

  • Ben de Biel, Guten Morgen Berlin 1990

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