Albert, Björn

Born in 1965 in Oldenburg, i.O., Björn Albert discovered the world of photography through the lens of a broken reflex camera that he stumbled across at the age of eleven, and, soon after, began experimenting with genre themes. Recognising both his precocious talent and strong motivation, his father, an amateur photographer, helped him in acquiring his first professional camera just one year later and taught him how to develop black and white film and create prints.

He studied physics in Münster from 1987 to 1989 and photography in Berlin from 1991 to 1993. As of today, Björn Albert runs a studio for analogue photography (BA AP), combining traditional and modern techniques.

Björn Albert is co-curator of the exhibition Europe Under Construction: Berlin 1945 - 2015.

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  • Björn Albert, Sonne Phoeben, 1999

  • Albert Björn, Deutscher Dom, 1999

  • Albert Björn, Spät Nachmittag, 2007